Horizontal Balling Press

Horizontal Balers Horizontal balers are larger machines that loaded from the top by conveyer belt, forklift, or cyclone system (allowing for larger quantities). They compress from the sides, and are usually fully automatic (or at least partially automatic). These balers are ideal for larger quantities of recyclables, and can reach an output ranging from 1ton to 15tons per hour. Needless to say, a horizontal baler can help you more efficiently deal with your waste, both in terms of manpower, and in terms of packing, moving, transporting, and other logistics. In some cases (such as in briquetting balers), you can even create solid fuel, depending on what you are baling.

Press Karton

Mesin Balling press untuk Press besi tua,Bracket scrap,press Kaleng

Because horizontal balers can be continuously fed (either manually or by automatic conveyor belt) they almost always reduce your labor costs. Furthermore, they will also increase your revenue for your recyclables by increasing your payloads, and making waste much easier to transport. With a compressing force of anywhere from 20 tons to hundreds of tons, horizontal balers can be found across many industries, and are capable of recycling a variety of materials, from GBR 2cardboard/paper to fiber or plastic to “loose” materials like sawdust and peanut shells. Their large feed capacity also makes horizontal balers ideal for bulky 100_1035waste GBR 1recycling, such as boxboards and many other fibrous products. The larger / faster horizontal balers are the top choice for MRF’s (materials recovery facilities) and recycling operations. There are also a variety of options available for horizontal balers, from baggers to automatic conveyors. Sinobaler has a full range of options, both on in-stock models, and customized models designed from the ground up to meet your needs. The bottom line is, if you have a baling need, Sinobaler can fill it. For more information on horizontal balers and other recycling equipment / baling systems, please feel free to contacSPEC GBR 2SPEC GBR 1t us.


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